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The use of video clips in web based presentations has improved over the last several years. Still, however, the greatest drawback to adding video is having the technology to create a digital image from an analog source.

A second issue is the time that it takes to download the video using a modem from the server.

OK, so how are video's produced for use on the web?

First, if you are using Analog video footage, VHS (for example) the parts that you wish to use in the presentation will need to be imported into a digital format. There are a number of ways to accomplish that task including; using the video input jack on a video card, adding a video grabber (there are still several in-expensive video grabbers that are on the market) or by the installation of a special card. All have advantages and disadvantages, the choice is yours.

Second, if you are using digital video footage, then you can either connect the camera using a firewire card and connection or by using your normal video card if it is one of the newer types. Newer video cards will often have a "S" video connection will enable the input of the video and audio signals.

Third, you will need a video editing program. There are several, as an example, Corel and Ulead will both edit video footage and provide you with a wide variety of options.

Fourth, and critical... how much video. While the technology is improving, streaming video still takes bandwidth and time when using a modem to connect. Intranets will provide faster connection and better use of video footage. Taking into consideration, that often video footage will be used to enhance the topic being discussed, it is not necessary to use the entire tape. Frequently, 10 or 15 seconds at a time will provide the reinforcement needed to understand the teaching item. It make take several short segments to cover the topic, but it will provide an opportunity for discussion of the mini segments and often increase understanding.

The following is a segment of analog video that was captured using a special card and edited with video editing software.
Dust Explosion



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