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Clip Art
Using Clip Art in a web based presentation is the same as other images and does not require any specialized techniques. 

To Insert a clip art image, use the insert pull down menu from the top menu bar and select the image to be inserted. As with other graphic items, it is generally recommended that the image be placed (copied) to the folder that is being used to save your web based materials. That way, if a link is lost for some reason, the image can be readily found a linked quickly. 

ClipArt should be selected as with any graphic item, it should aid in the instructional process and not detract.

There is a vast amount of free clip art that can be found on the web......... the following are two resources that have been found to be most useful. These sources are non-fire related as most of us have already located the fire related clip art sites. 

Barry's Clipart Server

Clip Art Connection

ClipArt on this page is Copyright Galactic Software and is provided as an example only. 


This page was produced using MS FrontPage 2000 using a standard page template that included the following table format.


General text was placed in the right hand cell and the images were placed in the left hand cell in a staggered format. The bottom cell left text was added to indicate the copyright of the images and the right hand bottom column the image a background and text were added in using an image editor. All of the images were imported into an image editor and then exported as .JPG format files to facilitate use in a web page.

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