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Online Instruction: A Primer

Prior to starting into the remaining pages of this presentation it is important that the user have some insight into where they will be heading and why this approach was taken.

The topic of Web based or Online instruction has been discussed by instructors for sometime. In fact, many more people would be involved if they just knew how to get started and how to prepare information for use on the Web. Instructors have the ability to create course materials, just not those that are in a Web based format.

Considering that, I have chosen to develop this Primer in a manner that would assist instructors in preparing Web based materials and limited the amount of Instructional Techniques topics. Also, in remembering that this presentation is A Primer, I have attempted to provide some basic ideas and formats. Once some of the basics are understood and a starting place established, then the remaining activities are easy, but time consuming.

When we started into our instructional careers it took a considerable amount of time and effort to master the techniques. Web based instruction will require the same dedicated efforts and require us to be more creative and understanding of the people that are using the materials.

Good Luck and Enjoy.

Ron Hopkins


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