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February 20, 2015



Good Day:


Thank you for participating in the IAFI Safety Series. Below are the links for the IAFI Safety Series courses developed to date, including the handout and resource materials.


Below are links to the papers and research information that were included in my presentations for each of the sessions.


Again, thanks for participating and I hope that the following information is useful and that you participate in the future safety programs.


Ron Hopkins, F-IAFI, CFEI, CFPS




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Series 3: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), August 12, 2014


PPE Presentation Handout including Appendix Items: 6.5 Mb

PPE Presentation Handout without Appendix Items; 1.8 Mb

Presentation Appendix Materials

PPE Links

PPE Assessment Resources

Eye Protection Resources

Fall Protection Resources

Respiratory Protection Resources


Series 2: Hazard and Risk Assessment, May 23, 2014

Presentation Handout PDF Hazard and Risk Assessment

Hazard and Risk Assessment Links

Hazard and Risk Analysis Worksheet NFPA 921 2014 FIGURE A.12.4.1 Sample Hazard and Risk Assessment.

US Army Health Risks

US Army Risk Card

DoD Instruction – Safety and Occupational Health Program

FM 5-19 US Army Composite Risk Management

FM 100-14 US Army Composite Risk Management

Hazard Risk Ranking-Mining and Minerals Processing

MIL-STD-882D-System Safety

MIL-STD-882E-System Safety

NIST-Hazard and Risk

OSHA HazCom GHS Label Information


Series 1: Introduction to Fire Investigator Scene Safety April 14, 2014


Presentation Handout (Revised 2-20-15) PDF Introduction to Fire Investigator Scene Safety


Dirty Jobs, Mike Rowe; Safety Third Video


OSHA and the Fire Investigator Dan Churchward’s Article


ATF Respiratory Hazard Evaluation NIOSH Health Hazard Evaluation Report and Recommendations


ATF Uniform Contamination NOSH Health Hazard Evaluation Report and Recommendations


NIOSH Alert – Fire Fighters July 2010


Exposure–response relationships for select cancer and non-cancer health outcomes in a cohort of US firefighters from San Francisco, Chicago and Philadelphia (1950–2009)

NIOSH Study released February 18, 2015. The report was received by NIOSH October 20, 2014; Revised January 21, 2015; and Accepted January 26, 2015.


NIOSH Fire Fighter Fatality Investigation and Prevention Program

Fire Investigator Dies after Being Struck by a Chimney that collapsed during an Origin and Cause Fire Investigation, New York NIOSH Fire Fighter Fatality Investigation and Prevention Program, May 14, 1999

Arson Investigator Dies from Injuries Sustained from a Fall During an Arson Investigation – Illinois NIOSH Fire Fighter Fatality Investigation and Prevention Program, April 23, 2001


Bibliography of Fire Fighter Exposure Assessment Study

NIOSH Study of Cancer among Fire Fighters http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/fire/cancerStudy.html


Fire Fighter Exposure to Smoke Particulates Final Report Executive Summary UL, University of Cincinnati, and Chicago Fire Department


Fire Fighter Exposure to Smoke Particulates Final Report The full report is located on the UL Fire Service related page. Once there, follow the link located in the left hand table, the file is large and will take a little while to download, but worth it.


Respiratory Exposure Study for Fire Fighters and other Emergency Responders This link will take you to the NFPA Fire Protection Research Foundation. There are two items of interest, Risk Factors for Fire Fighter Cardiovascular Disease – Executive Summary and the Respirator Exposure Study for Fire Fighters and other Emergency Responders Report, this report contains 4 parts.


Fire Fighter Safety during overhaul at the Manhattan Fire Department This paper was written by Scott Clark of the Manhattan Fire Department as a part of the Executive Fire Officer Leadership Program, US National Fire Academy.


“Firefighter injuries in the United States”,  released in October 2013 http://www.nfpa.org/research/reports-and-statistics/the-fire-service/fatalities-and-injuries/firefighter-injuries-in-the-united-states


Link to the NFPA Website

“An analysis of volunteer firefighter injuries” 2010-2012, released January 2014 http://www.nfpa.org/research/reports-and-statistics/the-fire-service/fatalities-and-injuries/an-analysis-of-volunteer-firefighter-injuries-2009-to-2011  provides an analysis of volunteer firefighter injuries comparing their experience to all firefighter injuries. Link to the NFPA website


Characterization of Fire Fighter Exposures during Overhaul, “Phoenix Study”


A Structured System for Fire Investigator Safety Michael Donahue


Voluntary Safety and Health Program Management Guidelines OSHA Fact Sheet No. OSHA 97-37