Confined Space in Construction

OSHA 502 Course January 14, 2014


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Confined Space Construction

The top of the first page has a URL to where this document can be found on the OSHA website. Remember this is not an official interpretation only a guidance document.


PRCS Confined Space in Construction Update 1-15-13

This document has the information that the final rule has been done and lists the timeline for the implementation. The last date on the second page, indicates that the final rule was supposed to have been issued, but it has not happened.

Final Rule........................................... 07/00/13


PRCS Subpart AA Construction 9-12


PRCS-Confined Space in Construction 1-13 Update

This is a printed copy of the PPT that I did as a part of the 502 Class the last morning.


Trainer Handout Text Version




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